"Do I... know you?"
"You do not."
"But... I'm sure we've met."
"Many a time."
"Wait - does that mean - "
"Shh. It's best if you just forget about all of this."
"Do I... know you?"
Shrouded in secrecy and unknown by design, Lethe was once a modest ferrywoman in the Deep who earned her living on the river of her namesake. On the surface, her creed is little more plain; working in close proximity to the Sacrarium of Nald'thal and oddly the Sharlayans, she researches things of which she ever declines to speak. Though she drifts on the fringes of the public, her dazed aquamarine stare keep most at a distance as she gazes through them, focused on a world unseen.

We may never know each other all that clearly.
Really, will it matter when we drift apart?
For as long as we can feign another moment loving dearly,
I don't think I'll ever need to see into your heart.
Shadowy flesh and silver-blonde hair mark Lethe apart from her elezen kindred as one of the Duskwight; if these traits were not enough to indicate her subterranean origin, the way she winces in the light otherwise speaks for her. Possessed of a thousand yard stare, Lethe has the air of someone in a constant state of being lost, though perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she is not uncertain of where she is, but rather where she is not.
Though I look away, I’ve seen it all before:
Another ugly truth lies behind these cold, brittle locks.
Dig even deeper; there must be something more:
A last hope at the bottom of the box?
Name:Lethe Delamer
Race:エレゼン | Eresen/Elezen
Clan:シェーダー | Shader/Duskwight
Height:Six fulms (6', 183 cm)
Weight:One hundred and fifty three ponze (153 lbs)
Age:Early Twenties
Nameday:32nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Alignment:Neutral Good
Patron:Nald'thal, the Twins